Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April 11, 2011

Food Intake:
Yoplait yogurt (Strawberry Orange Sunrise)
Garden Veggie Straws
Chef-Boyardee  Ravioli
Sunflower seeds
Potato Straws (Cheddar)
V8 Light Strawberry Banana Juice

Fish Oil

On Skin:
CeraVe cream
Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion
Promiseb Topical Cream
Body Essence Tea Tree body wash
Diluted Bleach Bath (1/4 cup)
Equate Sensitive Skin Astrigent (on weepy skin)

Germ X aloe Hand Santizer
Dial NutriSkin (Grape Seed & Lemongrass)

Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo
Sauve Raspberry & White Tea ColorCare Conditioner

Makeup Today?:  Yes

Weepy, bumpy and red behind ears, cheeks red with tiny pimple-like bumps, wrists red, dry & itchy, rest of body relatively calm.

My skin has recently been flaring up more than usual.  I've struggled with on and off infections since November of 2010 and been on antibiotics 4 times since December.  I'm confused as to why my skin has freaked out similarly to how it had been during my worse stage (12-16 years old).  I don't know what I did to exaberate it but I am pretty sure infections is the reason my skin has become so irritated.  My skin drastically improves when the infections subside, but once my skin starts to get infected again it is a war-zone.  My worse spots are behind my ears, neck, checks, forehead, wrists, inner elbows and knees.  I'm done taking antibiotics.  I see no improvements and am pretty sure whatever bacteria is bothering me has become resistant.  I believe it is just making my body and skin weaker and dependent instead of self-sufficient.  I'm also through with steroids (oral and topical).  I don't even know how much damage it has caused me.  It has weakened my immune system and skin, especially on my face.  I want to figure out safer and more effective ways to control my eczema.  I'm going to try and improve my diet, quit smoking, and drink less.  Today I took for the first time a diluted bleach bath.  My dermatologist recommended I try it to help kill bacteria on my skin and keep infections on bay.  We'll see if it works.  My hopes are high. I read a lot on it and it seems it can really help eczema sufferers.  More tomorrow.