Friday, November 1, 2013

Lighting & Skin of the Day.

Today marks 13 months into TSW!  I took many photos today because I was messing around with lighting.  I took pictures outside, in my room, and in my bathroom.  It's hard to decide which depicts my skin most accurately.  I figured I'd post some of them though. I may have gotten a bit carried away... heh.

I'm continuing to feel relatively well.  My energy levels are slowly rising.  I'm in generally good spirits.  I've been moving around more, dancing (for fun, not anything professional, hah), etc.  The itching has decreased quite a bit this past week, but I'm still getting bouts here and there, especially at night.  Why must bedtime always be filled with an itch fest?  My sleep schedule is still all over the place, but I spend more time sleeping at night now and less time sleeping during the day.  I am dreaming more as well.  All good signs.  I still have a long way to go, but I'm grateful for these days.

My skin is still pink and varies in intensity throughout the day.  The photos I took were after dancing around my house, so I'm not sure if that created a difference or not.  You'll see I have a patch of redness around my left temple.  I didn't notice it until I looked at the photos.  Some pictures look better than others.  I think my bathroom pics make my skin look worse than it feels.  It's fluorescent lighting.  The photos from my room are a mix of sunlight and fluorescent.

Taking in some much needed sunlight

Squinting.... Getting sun is so good for the skin in this stage.  Get yoself out there!

Here you can really see the dryness of my neck.  I'm currently weaning myself of moisturizers. 

I had a crack on my wrist last week which is healing away!

Wrinkly, old hands.  Yum.
Smile and appreciate the days you feel like dancing.

Unintentional earthing.
I'm not sure if everyone experiences this problem, but Blogger gives me such a hard time when it comes to posting pics.  It's always glitching on me!  So annoying.  It makes posting such a hassle and much more time consuming than need be.  (-.-)  WTF??

☾ Goodnight