Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Skin Routine

My current skin routine is really simple.  I hardly do anything.  In fact, I don't even shower on most days.  [Ew girl, I smell you from here].  I try to keep things as natural as possible and just let my skin do its own thing.  The following is what works the best for me.  Everyone is different, so it's important to figure out through trial and error what works and what doesn't.

I take a shower on average about once a week, sometimes twice.  This may gross some of you out, but I assure you I am neither stinky nor dirty.  I was someone who thought taking a shower everyday was necessary and those who didn't were disgusting.  However, my opinions have changed (being a woman, this is not surprising).  Now I believe showering too often is unnecessary and may possibly be detrimental,* even to normal skin.  Surely, some people may not get away with showering only once a week.  It depends on your environment, diet, exercise and genetics.  People with pungent B.O., ehh... might not want to do this.  I think diet plays a significant role on what your natural stank smells like, but genetics too.  Furthermore, I don't do any heavy exercise, thus I am not pouring massive volumes of sweat, ever.  Finally, it's winter here, which naturally means drier skin (something most of you can definitely relate too).

* As a side note, when I was in the worst of my flares, I was showering constantly, literally three or more times a day.  If your skin is oozing, a daily shower will likely be helpful to feeling more comfortable and cleansing.  However, I do not recommend doing what I did and showering excessively.  I believe this may hamper healing somewhat and hinder the skin from doing what it needs to do. 

So what do I use? 
  • Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap
  • Witch Hazel
  • Organic Palm Oil
I shower using Dr. Bronner's Peppermint soap on my body and nothing on my face.  When I get out of the shower I use a small bit of my Spectrum palm oil on my body and around my eyes (I'm paranoid of getting wrinkles).  I don't slather it everywhere like I used to and I wait for the oil to sink in before dressing.  I want to emphasize I am using very little moisturizer.  My tub of palm oil is almost gone (had it since summer) and once it is I intend to do complete moisturizer withdrawal.  As for the witch hazel,  I use it after scratching any area of my skin to help keep it clean and minimize any risk of infections.  The witch hazel I use has alcohol in it, but I have not noticed any negative effects and feel it has actually benefitted my skin.  I've been using it since August.  I may switch to one without alcohol in the future, but for now I like it.
What's left of my palm oil
Pertaining to moisturizer withdrawal, I didn't want to do full-forced MW right away, because I thought it would be much too uncomfortable, especially when going places.  I did, however, completely cut out Aveeno Skin Relief lotion in October, which I had been using religiously (several times a day) from June 2011-September 2013.  Prior to my Aveeno days,  I was addicted to Vaseline Intensive Rescue for a number years.  I've always relied on moisturizers to make my skin feel comfortable, even when my skin was "normal."  The mere thought of taking a shower and not applying lotion immediately was cringe-worthy.  I'm also an avid hand-washer, which meant constant re-application of lotion on my hands.  Now I can watch my hands several times a day with no need to use lotion or any kind of moisturizer.  I will do a more-detailed post about MW once my palm oil is finished, but as for now I have nothing but positive things to say about it! :)

Au revoir!


  1. Congrats on stopping Aveeno! Good decision. The Spectrum shortening was the least bothersome out of all moisturizers I tried, and completely safe ingredients too. However, it did cause those tiny blisters but it seems any moisturizer I used did that. I haven't washed my hair with anything other than water, other than maybe twice in 6 months. I haven't washed my face with anything other than water even once in 6 months, and don't bathe or shower for as long as possible when my skin isn't broken or flaring. I don't stink at all and it helps a lot with allowing the body's natural oils to come out. Happy healing!

    1. Yes, I agree... It's good to let the skin have a chance to replenish its oils before stripping them again with bathing/showering. Also, I want to say thank you because your information gave me the final push to ditch the Aveeno. Before I stopped using it on my body, but I was still regularly applying on my hands. When I quit using it on my hands I noticed a decrease in the occurrence of tiny blisters which I was constantly getting on my palms and fingers. Now I hardly get them and if I do, it'll be one or two, instead of all over. So thank you!! I'm glad I got those nasty chemicals out of life!